Plasti Dip Accessories

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  • Dip Nozzle
    Dip Nozzle® is a male actuator which is designed in order to  fit female actuators on aerosol cans. DipYourCar personally uses the Dip Nozzle® with our Plasti Dip® Spray cans for getting a great coverage, smoother results and cut the application time in half on wheels, panels and more.  It..
    €2.90 €3.10
  • Dip Nozzle® 2.0
    Dip nozzle® 2.0 is new and greatly improved! Get smoother, better results!  This product makes it easier to wet out the surface you are spraying, allowing for a smoother finish.  Perfect for beginner and advanced dippers. Increased product flow Better atomization Larger spray ..
    €2.99 €4.50
  • Brake Dust Professional™ (BDP)
    Brake Dust Professional™ (BDP)   Spray onto your wheels (dipped or non-dipped), and let it sit for 2 minutes as it releases all the brake dust, dirt and grime from your wheels. Simply wash everything away and leave your wheels surgically clean. No scrubbing, no hand washing, no wheel brus..