Auto Flex Spray Shield
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Auto Flex Spray Shield
Brand: AutoFlex
Product Code: AFSprayShield
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Price: €49.90€84.00 Ex Tax
Important Information

For professional use only.

GHS02 - Flammable
GHS07 - Irritant

Download SPRAY SHIELD MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Auto Flex Spray Shield

Most in the industry understand that the clear protective bra/film market has been primed for an evolution for years. Spray shield is a crystal clear, durable and safe method of protecting auto paint from scratches, nicks, chips and road debris. One of our most popular product lines, spray shield is quickly moving through the automotive industry and for good reason. Follow spray shield with AutoFlex™ gloss topcoat, and you have virtually invisible, enduring protection for the front bumper or even the entire vehicle. Spray shield flows smoothly through an automotive hvlp spray gun with a 1.8 - 2.0 tip at 18-22 psi.
Stats and figures:
• crystal clear formula
• auto-leveling formula for a flat and smooth surface (perfect for following with • autoflex gloss or matte topcoats)
• ready to spray out of most hvlp compressor spray guns without need for reduction
• developed for long term durability and protection
• no adhesives
• will not yellow over time
• removes cleanly and safely from vehicle surface when desired
• scratch, chip and gasoline resistant
• spray shield is always followed by one wet coat of  autoflex™ gloss to complete the protection system. 

* spray shield can be sprayed through electronic turbine sprayers, however resulting quality reduces along with reducing psi output of turbine. Best results, of course, will be yielded with compressor spray guns.

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