Microfiber Madness

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  • Microfiber Madness Cloudbuster
    „Cloudy Skies….“ No, in car care business we absolutely don`t need these clouds after cleaning glass! But a good glasscleaner is just half the way to the finish line because the perfect glass-cleaning towel could make the difference! Because most glass towels are made with the well known waffle d..
  • Microfiber Madness CRAZY PILE Ultra
    Microfiber Madness CRAZY PILE Ultra The towel that started it all in 2010! Everybody declared us crazy when we wanted to develop the heaviest, edgeless, single-layer microfiber towel in the world! Our requirement was to create the perfect detailing towel for use with waxes, sealants, detailing..
  • Microfiber Madness Dry Me Crazy
    Microfiber Madness Dry Me Crazy DRY ME CRAZY Super Plush Heavyweight Drying Towel This car drying towel was one of our favorite milestones! It was created in 2010 and raises the bar with regards to drying towels still to this very day! It is made of durable, super soft microfiber for risk fre..
  • Microfiber Madness Dry Me Crazy Junior
    With the release of the Dry Me Crazy towel, we added another size because of the demand for smaller drying towels. The Jr. version offers the same great benefits but provides more flexibility in and around tight and narrow spaces, like wheels, spoilers etc. Some customers prefer to use a larger towe..
  • Microfiber Madness Incredimit
    Microfiber Madness Incredimit INCREDIMITT Unique Wash Mitt - 100% Made in Germany Our signature "Made in Germany" product was introduced in the year 2013, utilizing a special gliding fiber interlaced throughout to deliver an unbeatable washing experience even on bad maintained surfaces. This ..
  • Microfiber Madness Incredipad
    Microfiber Madness Incredipad The Incredipad adds another choice to our washing tool range, for customers who don’t like to use mitts. It’s made with the same unique material like the Incredimitt, including the same gliding fibers. The working title for this item was »No-Mitt« because its dimensi..
  • Microfiber Madness Incredisponge
    We know of many »old school customers« who like to use the classic wash sponge, related to the typical bone shape and the pure foam material. Because this material is [in our opinion] the worst you can use for your cars surface, we created the Incredisponge. Featuring an ergonomic 2.5” / 6cm thick, ..
  • Microfiber Madness Slogger
    Microfiber Madness Slogger Customers that used in the past the Yellow Fellow polishing towel for interior cleaning or to remove ceramic coatings from the paint, told us it is too good / too expensive to use for these (dirty) jobs. So we added the Slogger all-purpose-towel to our range! The name m..
  • Microfiber Madness Summit 800
    Microfiber Madness Summit 800 The name is the game: This towel is a true summiteer! Our goal during the development in 2010, was to create the heaviest ultrasonic-cut microfiber towel! The result was the Summit with a weight of a mind numbing 800g/m². It has slightly more dense, shorter piles tha..
  • Microfiber Madness Waverider
    Microfiber Madness Waverider Waffle Weave drying towels have a long tradition in car care. The waffled design has its advantage especially on not perfectly maintained cars. In those cases your car has a rougher surface, so drying towels with long and dense fibers can cause problems during drying ..
  • Microfiber Madness Waverider Jr
    Microfiber Madness Waverider Jr WAVERIDER JR. Classic Waffle-Weave Drying Towel To meet our customers expectations, we also added a smaller Jr. version of the Waverider drying towel to the lineup. This size is perfect for drying small areas such as doorjambs, wheels, spoilers, and it also dou..
  • Microfiber Madness Yellow Fellow
    Microfiber Madness Yellow Fellow This product was another milestone in our history! The Yellow Fellow 1.0 version was developed in 2011 to become the best in class polishing towel on the market. But as you may know, we always seek for improvements to make our products even better. So we never sto..