Fierce Pink Wheel Kit
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Fierce Pink Wheel Kit
Brand: Performix
Product Code: FiercePinkWheelKit
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Important Information
GHS02 GHS02 - Flammable

Download SDS (EN) Safety Data Sheet
Technical data

Content: 325 ml
Specifications: weatherproof
Colors: Examples



Wheel Kit contains:
4x Plasti Dip Fierce Pink Aerosol
1x Spray Trigger as a gift

How to apply:
Wheel kit is for dipping 4 wheels. First of all well clean rims and let them dry. No base coat needed for this aerosol, so directly apply 6-8 coats of Fierce Pink.
Wait 15 minutes between coats. First coat need to be light coat. Each next coats need to be normal coats. And the last coat need to be wet coat.

Plasti Dip is a multifunctional specialty rubber coating and air dry. You can apply it without any difficulty by spraying , brushing or dipping.  It gives  a fixed and  controlled grip that can confront moisture, slipping , abrasion, corrosion, acids  and skidding. You can be sure that it will resist in extreme weather conditions due to its stretchy, flexible  formula , which won't crack or become brittle in any case. Plasti Dip protective coating is perfect for a broad array of DIY projects around the garden, garage , home and etc.

  • Can be easily removed from surfaces when ready to return to original surface
  • Creates a fixed, controlled and comfortable non-slip grip 
  • Provides protection against moisture, abrasion , acids and corrosion of the coated items
  • Cannot become brittle and remains flexible, stretchy in any weather condition due to its formula  
  • Protects against vibration, heat, electrical shock and deadens sound
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