Workshop Equipment

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  • CarSystem MMIR Trolley
    CarSystem MMIR Trolley CARSYSTEM MMIR Trolley film stand    MMIR Trolley - film stand APPLIANCE MMIR Trolley is a mobile dispenser for MMIR- and Easy Mask foils. MMIR Trolley is optimized for a fast masking work and is suitable to mask vehicles comfortably by o..
  • CarSystem MMIR Trolley Box
    CarSystem MMIR Trolley Box MMIR Trolley Box film stand    MMIR Trolley Box - film stand DESCRIPTION Mobile stand for MMIR-film.   CHARACTERISTICS On this new MMIR Trolley Box the carton box can be attached and the film can be processed directly from th..
  • CarSystem Paper Trolley 1500
    CarSystem Paper Trolley 1500 CARSYSTEM Paper Trolley 1500 paper stand    Paper Trolley 1500  - paper stand APPLIANCE Paper Trolley 1500 is a mobile dispenser for masking paper with a width of 150 cm. This very stable paper trolley is suitable to mask vehicle..
  • CarSystem Professioal Shop Seat
    CarSystem Professioal Shop Seat Werkstatt Sitzhocker professional shop seat    Werkstatt Sitzhocker - professional shop seat DESCRIPTION Professioal Shop Seat in a modern Carsystem - design, ideal for sanding or polishing works.   CHARACTERISTICS - Hyd..
  • CarSystem X-Stand Top
    APPLIANCE X-Stand Top is a paint stand which is adjustable in height and width. It is very flexible in use and a vital helper for many applications in the car-body-shop. It is very stable and optimal for storing heavy parts and windscreens. It can also be used as a working platform for polishing, s..