Adhesive Tapes

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  • CarSystem Auto Mask
    CarSystem Auto Mask CARSYSTEM Auto Mask handy masking film incl. adhesive tape    Auto Mask  - handy masking film incl. adhesive tape APPLIANCE Masking foil with integrated masking tape for quickly covering windows, shock absorbers, bumpers, etc.   ..
  • CarSystem Easy Mask - masking film - roll
    CarSystem Easy Mask APPLIANCE Masking film as a spray mist protection for quickly covering car body panels. CHARACTERISTICS Provides no paint adhesion. Static. ..
  • CarSystem Fine Line Tape Blue
    Fine Line Tape Blue paint line tape CHARACTERISTICS FINE LINE TAPE BLUE is a heat resistant film masking tape for the finest high quality paint edge lines. This product creates crisp, clean edges. The tape’s extreme flexibility allows you to tape curves as well as long, straight lines. It will ..
  • CarSystem Floor Mats
    CarSystem Floor Mats footwell protection, high quality 500 pieces / roll APPLIANCE Footwell protection to keep vehicle floors clean during repair. They protect the vehicle floor from water, dirt, dust, oil and paint. ..
  • CarSystem Hand Mask
    Handmask Masking tape with bonding tape for quick masking in Spot Repair or partial painting, the film is static and adhering to the paint and can be tear in horizontal and vertical without Cutter. ..
  • CarSystem HS-Acryl Tape
    HS-Acryl Tape double-sided adhesive tape CHARACTERISTICS HS Acryl Tape is specially designed for long-term use on both the inside and outside of vehicles. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, and various plastics. Product features: · Pressure-unsensitive ·..
  • CarSystem Liquid Masking
    Liquid Masking (Liquid Film) Projective masking film with an aqueous base. The liquid product dries and turns into a non-sticky film, which protects all surfaces covered with paint mists (solvent or aqueous), solvents, dust, sparks, polishes and small mechanical shocks. Use with: Bucket gun, whi..
  • CarSystem MMIR Knife Premium
    CarSystem MMIR Knife Premium APPLIANCE Film knife with special coated blade, for cutting Masking films. CHARACTERISTICS High cutting speed and resistance. Protection against injury by the embedded blade. ..
  • CarSystem Mount Tape
    CarSystem Mount Tape CARSYSTEM Mount Tape double-sided adhesive tape    Mount Tape   - double-sided adhesive tape APPLIANCE Mount Tape is a double-sided adhesive tape for vibration-resistant bonding of trim- and edge-lining stripes and emblems.  ..
  • CarSystem Seat Covers
    Seat covers - Disposable Made of neutral white synthetic material. With cover for attachment to the seat back. Roll with 500 pcs. perforated         Roll width: 640 mm Width of the cover: 800 mm Length of the cover: 1200 mm Backrest cover: 500 mm ..
  • CarSystem Silver Tape
    CarSystem Silver Tape 50 mm x 50 m CARSYSTEM SILVER TAPE fabric tape    SILVER TAPE - fabric tape APPLIANCE Universal tape, suitable for high stress bonding and edge protection during sanding.   CHARACTERISTICS High-quality coated woven tape with..
  • CarSystem Steering Wheel Covers
    Protection sheet for ruffles Made of transparent synthetic material.         1 rolls of 122mm x 250m incl. 1 unwinder. ..
  • CarSystem Tec Line Stick
    Hiding parking sensors - 18mm CS Tec Line Stick Sensor Pad for masking parking sensors of all common brands when painting.         PET plastic material, temperature resistant -40 ° C to + 180 ° C, solvent resistant ..
  • CarSystem Wall Holder for Seat Covers and Floor Mats
    CarSystem Wall Holder for Seat Covers and Floor Mats ..
  • CarSystem WR-Lifting Tape
    WR-Lifting Tape masking tape with plastic strip CHARACTERISTICS WR Lifting Tape is a masking tape consisting of a crepe section and a high-strength, transparent plastic section. The two materials (crepe and plastic sections) are manufactured as one combination product. The adhesive on the crep..
  • JTape Aluminium Tape
    Aluminum Tape 48 mm x 45 m Protects sensitive surfaces against heat and infrared.         Resistant up to a temperature of 120 ° C. ..
  • JTape Black Cloth Tape
    JTape Black Cloth Tape 50 mm x 50 m Specially formulated to allow clean removal after use not leaving any adhesive residue. Our Black Cloth Tape is temperature resistant up to 80°C for one hour. ..
  • JTape Clear Logo Tape
    Logo Tape - 50 mm x 300 mm Emblems and logos can be used again with Logo Tape. That way you do not have to wait a long time for a new piece.           Logo Tape works without painful cuts, because the adhesive tape of the Logo Tape sticks anywhere on the part that has t..
  • JTape Door Skin Replacement Foam
    JTape Door Skin Replacement Foam A replacement foam for the inner door skin membrane. Continuous roll. Dispensing pack. An easy way to replace inner door skin membrane. A single length which can be cut to size. Grid printed release liner enables difficult shapes to be cut-out easily. D..
  • JTape Fine Line Tape Orange
    JTape Fine Line Tape Orange JTAPE Orange Fine Line Masking Tape uses a thermally stabilised PVC backing with a rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive. It is designed for straight lines whilst remaining flexible and will hold and cleanly remove from surfaces in temperatures up to 150°C/302°..
  • JTape Perforated Trim Masking Tape
    JTape Perforated Trim Masking Tape  50 mm x 10 m JTAPE Perforated Trim Masking Tape uses a high temperature crepe masking tape with a rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. It is designed to protect rubber trims and bodyside mouldings during the automotive refinish process. The product ..