Plasti Dip Spray Accessories in der Europa

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  • Multi Strain Paint Strainer
    Multi Strain Paint Strainer Available in 3 packs - 10 st, 100 st and 500 st APPLIANCE Disposable strainer for filtering all paints and lacquers - 190 µ. CHARAKTERISTICS Paper funnel with a nylon filter. ..
  • Spray-Dosen Handgriff vGrip
    vGrip Universal Handle is a 2-in-1 gun handle and ergonomic trigger that snaps onto the Preval Sprayer with ease. Also attaches to any other standard aerosol can. ..
    €3.99 €5.00
  • Dip Nozzle
    Dip Nozzle® ist ein männlicher Aktuator, der konzipiert wurde, um sich weiblichen Aktuatoren auf Aerosoldosen anzupassen. DipYourCar verwendet Dip- Nozzle® persönlich mit unseren Plasti Dip ® Spray-Dosen, um eine große Abdeckung und glattere Ergebnisse zu bekommen und die Anwendungszeit auf Räder, P..
    €2.90 €3.10
  • Dip Nozzle® 2.0
    Dip nozzle® 2.0 is new and greatly improved! Get smoother, better results!  This product makes it easier to wet out the surface you are spraying, allowing for a smoother finish.  Perfect for beginner and advanced dippers. Increased product flow Better atomization Larger spray ..
    €2.99 €4.50
  • Dip Coat™ Schutzspray
    Dip Coat™ Schutzspray - Protects Dipped Surfaces from surface scratches and marring  - Creates a smoother, slicker, less rubbery feel of dipped surfaces  - Enhances colors and pearl finishes of dipped surfaces  - Daily UV protection  - Protects dip from staining  - M..
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  • Dip Dissolver®
    Use Dip Dissolver® in those situations in which the Plasti Dip® was applied too thin to peel. Sometimes customers will apply the dip too thin, and after a period of time, it can be difficult to peel off the dip as it will peel off in small pieces. Dip Dissolver® will re-liquify the dip and make it v..
  • Dip Release™ for Tires
    Use Dip Release to create a barrier between your tires and Plasti Dip to allow for easy removal of overspray. Apply a small amount of Dip Release™ to a dry microfiber towel. Spread the product evenly across the sidewall of each tire, making sure to work the liquid into any tread, design or wordin..
  • PreDip Spray
    PreDip Spray PreDip Spray was designed specifically to a perfect bonding between Plasti Dip® and the surface you are dipping. It safely removes all dirt, oil, grease, film, cleaners and tire shines that could cause Plasti Dip® to bubble, lift, or fail. Whether it be wheels, emblems, trim, or the ..
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  • Preval Full Sprayer System
    The Preval Sprayer is an aerosol-based spray system that allows the user to mix up any paint 178ml. glass container. The aerosol charge will spray 650ml. Perfect for spraying samples, speed shapes and wheels.  Nützliches Video, das von Prodip gemacht wurde: ..
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  • Preval Sprayer Power Unit Refill
    PREVAL SPRAYER POWER UNIT REFILL Refill for preval sprayer system. **Refill ONLY** The aerosol charge will spray up to 22 oz. of Plasti Dip®. Usefull video made by Prodip: ​ ..
  • ProdipGuard®
    ProdipGuard® Car wrap protection from fuel drops Folds up easily and hides behind fuel tank door when not in use Easy to install and no tools required Good quality rubber Swiss made ..
    €7.99 €9.90
  • SATA® RPS™ Cup System
    SATA® RPS™ Cup System plug-in sieves - 200 μ Capacity - 0.6 l (60 st.) or 0.9 l (40 st.) The cup system for professionals: efficient, versatile, convenient. ..
  • Speed Shape (Black)
    Single Speed Shape.  Durable High Impact Polystyrene Speed Shapes. Easy to paint and Plasti Dip®. Hole punched out at top for display.  ..
  • Brake Dust Professional™ (BDP) - Felgenreiniger
    Brake Dust Professional™ (BDP)   Spray onto your wheels (dipped or non-dipped), and let it sit for 2 minutes as it releases all the brake dust, dirt and grime from your wheels. Simply wash everything away and leave your wheels surgically clean. No scrubbing, no hand washing, no wheel brus..
  • Canvas Wheel Covers
    The simple solution to wheel masking. Reusable. Fits most wheels up to 21" in diameter. Includes 4 canvas wheel covers. ..
  • pr88 - Abwaschbarer Handschutz 100ml
    pr88 - Abwaschbarer Handschutz 100ml      Schützt vor Kontakt mit industriellen Schad- und Schmutzstoffen (wie Öl, Russ, Lack, Farbe, Teer, Klebstoffen, Kunstharzen etc.)           und ermöglicht leichte Abwaschbarkeit mit Wasser.     ..
  • pr88 - Abwaschbarer Handschutz 1L
    pr88 - Abwaschbarer Handschutz 1L      Schützt vor Kontakt mit industriellen Schad- und Schmutzstoffen (wie Öl, Russ, Lack, Farbe, Teer, Klebstoffen, Kunstharzen etc.)           und ermöglicht leichte Abwaschbarkeit mit Wasse ​ ..
  • pr88 Liquid Handschutz 150ml
    pr88 Liquid Handschutz 150ml   Schützt die Haut wirksam vor industriellen Schad- und Schmutzstoffen (wie Öl, Russ, Lack, Farbe, Teer, Klebstoffen, Kunstharzen etc.)                     Nach der Arbeit wird der Schutzfilm zusammen mit..
  • Langzeit-Abdeckband 3M - 36mm
    Langzeit-Abdeckband 3M Farbe: blau Länge: 50 m Breite: 36 mm Dicke: 0.12 mm Einsatzbereich (Ort): Innen + Aussen Einsatzbereich (Oberflächen): Glatt ..