Dip Pearls - FAQ


When applying these additives what  kind of Spray Gun are you using?

- We use the Earlex HV2901 Spray Station

How much pearl do I have to add per gallon of Plasti Dip Spray?

- We recommend mixing in 50 grams per gallon for best results, but up to 75 grams can be added.

Do you add the Pearl Pigment/Micro Flake into colored Plasti Dip or Clear?

- In order to gain best results we advise to mix the pearl directly into either clear Plasti Dip Spray, or a 50/50 mix of Plasti Dip Spray and Glossifier.  Nevertheless, you can surely add  pearls directly into colored Plasti Dip Spray for one-of-a-kind colors and special effects.  Play around to see what you like best!

Do you use Thinned or Un-thinned Plasti Dip when adding pearls?

- We only use pre-thinned Plasti Dip Spray

How much Micro flake is needed per gallon?

- We advise to mix  25 grams per gallon in order to have best results.  You can use up to 50 grams per gallon but the surface will have a slightly sandy texture.

May I use Micro Flake like Pearl in order to make custom colors?

- Yes you can, but if you add the required 50 grams per gallon you may have a Sandy textured surface when finished.

Do I need to apply a base coat first?

- Yes, base coats are necessary  for all Dip Pearls. For many cases we use a Matte Black Plasti Dip Spray base coat, however, you can also use a Color Matching base coat if desired (Blue Plasti Dip Spray as a base for World Rally Blue Pearls for instance).  Experimenting with various base coats and top coats is encouraged - we are creating new and exciting combinations all the time!